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Kaitlin desires to create an environment based on her values of excellence, growth, optimism, and influence, that fosters a place for honest and purposeful work with her clients. Kaitlin is a dynamic and skilled professional with over 10 years of experience working with leaders in the financial services industry.

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We are partners in your journey towards success.


Inspire people to act with confidence, rise to a challenge and view the world with optimism.


Challenge and guide organizations, teams and leaders to utilize strategic confidence and purposeful optimism in order to build an unshakable culture of excellence!


To create and cultivate confidence on command. In other words to equip, empower and encourage others to believe in their ability to act and achieve.

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My purpose is to help people create and cultivate confidence on command.

I collaborate closely with my clients, helping them conquer obstacles and unlock their true potential. As a consultant, coach, and speaker, I am deeply committed to challenging, motivating, and guiding organizations, teams, and leaders towards harnessing strategic confidence and purposeful optimism. This convergence forms the bedrock of an unshakable culture of excellence.

With a dynamic and versatile professional background spanning over a decade, I have been fortunate to work alongside leaders in the financial services industry. My journey is enriched by experiences in talent recruitment and development, strategy execution, performing at my best, and competing among the finest sales leaders. My commitment to guiding leaders and clients towards realizing their desires has guided me throughout my career.

From the very start of my professional journey, it was evident that my passion lay in assisting others in achieving their goals. My diverse roles paved the way for the establishment of my consulting business, driven by the vision of making a transformative impact. My innate abilities to envision possibilities, orchestrate moving parts, and bring everything together have led to numerous successes in my career.

A highlight of my journey was leading my office to an unprecedented victory – a clean sweep of the Northwestern Mutual internship program awards in 2016. Subsequently, I continued to secure three more top spots in the internship program rankings in 2020, 2022, and 2023.

I am particularly proud of leading my team to prestigious titles such as Recruiting Team of the Year, Campus Recruiting Team of the Year, and Conversion Leader. Additionally, I have extended my influence to other networks within Northwestern Mutual, guiding them to secure Top 10 positions in both internship and recruiting program rankings.

The year 2022 marked an exciting milestone for me as I ventured into diverse industries. Drawing upon my expertise in recruitment and development, I now assist business owners in identifying, nurturing, and retaining top-tier talent. Across industries, I have discovered that confidence is the cornerstone of challenges and solutions alike.

At the heart of my approach are values that drive me – excellence, growth, optimism, and influence. My aspiration is to foster an environment grounded in these values, where clients engage in honest, purposeful work. My style is characterized by presenting high challenges complemented by unwavering support, guiding individuals to think boldly and execute ambitiously.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I relish spending cherished moments with my family: my husband Randy, stepdaughter Knolan, son Wells, and the delightful goldendoodle named Trip.

"Succesful people are influenced by the desire for pleasing results.
Failures are influenced by the desire for pleasing methods..."

Albert L. Gray

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